Kung Fu

Single Stand up Kayak.



When the 21st century sport of Stand Up Paddling meets the ancient art of kayaking you get the Kung Fu. It is a fun hybrid that can be used by all the family. Well nearly all of the family, because of the new support systems invented to keep the Kung Fu slim, we had to trade off maximum capacity. Unfortunately this fun machine is restricted to 80kgs and below. Knee, sit, stand, lie down, whatever takes your fancy, this hybrid will keep the smile on your face and your family on the water for record lengths of time. It may not be for all of the family, but that’s probably just as well, coz the ones on the water won’t want to share…[/full_width]


L: 2.75mtrs; W: 0.73mtrs; H: 0.30mtrs
G.W/N.W: 22kgs/19.5kgs
Max weight capacity: 79kgs
Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Yellow/Red, Yellow/Blue,White/Blue, White/Red. Multiple and mixed available.