Single sit in Kayak.



If Rolls Royce designed a kayak, this would be it. The Serenity is both luscious and stunning. This is the day tourer of day tourers. To the on looker, it is a beauty to behold, its sleek design and defined apex make it an instant classic. For the paddler you get the totality of feeling at one with your boat. It’s smooth through the waves and fast through the water. The Serenity is a triumph of design over integration. An incredibly comfortable cockpit but weighs a meagre 30kgs. Regardless of your destination you’ll arrive with a smile on your face.[/full_width]


L: 5.10mtrs; W:0.59mtrs; H:0.33mtrs
G.W/N.W: 30kgs/27kgs
Max weight capacity: 134kgs
Colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White, Purple. Multiple and mixed available.

Standard Equipment:
Rudder with adjustable footrest steering system
Plastic seat with soft cushion and back rest
Bow & stern carry handles
2 Water proof hatch covers made by EPDM rubber
2 Elastic cords
Spray deck